Blessings from participants after workshop with Anutosh

“Anutosh, Thank you for the wonderful constellation workshop last Sunday! I have had such wonderful movement at soul level. It really is great! You are a very powerful healer and constellation facilitator. I like the way you guide the process so seekers receive the maximum amount of movement at soul level. Thank you again for having the constellation on Sunday. That allowed me to be a part of the process of movement in my own life and the group that was gathered.” – GM

“Thank YOU Anutosh! What a wonderful day to share with everyone. Thank you for doing what you do and being so passionate about it! I do hope to see you again, if not for this next workshop then another in the future. And I will be more than happy to share your information with others.” -HB

“Anutosh, I just want to thank you once more for yesterdays amazing work and also I want to share with you what happened right after the workshop…
When I went out from your place I saw message on my phone from my sister saying I must call my mum. I ran home and called my mum (little worried!!!) she said she was dreaming about me all night and when she woke up she was incredibly happy which she wasn’t feeling such a long time. By the way she never remembered her dreams!!! and Turkey 6 hours behind Bali!!! I am writing to you a little tears in my eyes. I was so shocked but very happy for her and for me of course. It worked and it worked in a very short time. I think it is a miracle. I don’t know if it is normal or not but I think I don’t care:) I think for me you needed to know how incredible work you are doing and I can’t find any words to express my appreciation to you. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. I hope to see you again. With love from all my heart.” -M

“It was really wonderful to be a part of the work shop. Annie also enjoyed. You are amazing, I love your work !!!!! Thank you so much for the experience and opportunity. So much love” -S

“This weekend was yet another very profound experience for me. I have realized what an amazing amount of healing have taken place in past year since we met. Thank you so much” -AS

“ It is an absolutely amazing job that you do and that you remain so centered and energized through it all wow’s me. The more I think about it, the more remarkable it is!” -K

“Sorry I haven’t gotten to thank you for that very enlightening session.  I see things a little differently now. Thank you very much. Meeting you was very inspiring” -A

“Thank you for a great workshop this weekend, I will recommend your classes to my friends! Family Constellation work is growing love for many families” -S

“Just wanted to let you know how great the workshop was last Saturday.  It was a pleasure watching you work.  You are a natural!!  And, I am glad that I waited to do my work with you because you had the intuition to bring in Jennifer and without that, I wouldn’t have had the new picture with my mother.  Thank you so much” -V

“I had wanted to experience the Family Constellation work for many years as I knew it would be very helpful.  Thankfully, Anutosh came to Bali and offered the workshop here in a beautiful place conducive to opening up to this experience.  I found it to be very powerful and healing for me.  I was able to let go of a lot of pain and resentment that I didn’t even realize I had and come to a place of peace.  Since attending the workshop,  my life has changed and I find that things are more abundant and my relationships more positive.  Anutosh is a skilled therapist and I would highly recommend her” -S

I would LOVE to come to a future workshop and would love to be on any mailing list or anything that you do in order to know about them. I loved the workshop that I did do with you few months ago. It was an absolutely fascinating and enlightening experience. I have really wanted to talk more about it! It was remarkable how I felt the feelings of the person that I was supposed to embody. I couldn’t believe the way it worked. It was truly wonderful. And I didn’t even work on any of my own issues explicitly! However, if I had, I would have chosen to do some work about my younger sister, and then in the actual workshop I kept being chosen to portray everyone’s younger sister! Almost every time. That in and of itself was really amazing.
Anyway, THANK YOU for that wonderful experience and I do hope to repeat it in the future – K

I am so grateful for my experience yesterday and am still settling into it.  I feel so grounded and like I also had work done.  It was an honor to participate and to enjoy the fruits of everyone’s ancestry and work. I was so impressed by the way you handled the work.  I was wondering how you would do it and it was so graceful and beautiful and organic.You are so graceful in your work and you have such an honorable way about you.  The gentleness and beauty with which you speak was so overwhelmingly beautiful.  Thank you for allowing me into the process.  I will consider the next event and also distribute to my friends.  It feels like I would like to continue to do more of these and see where they take me. All the best and I will be in touch.  Thank you so much! – JM

Dear Anutosh,

I feel terribly remiss in not also thanking you when I had the talking stick. I hold you in such high esteem and recognize that so deeply in myself that it was an unspoken assumption.  I’m truly sorry for not speaking it.
I’ll never forget my first phone conversation with you.  I had no idea anyone could be as loving as you to a stranger on the phone. I truly felt loved and cared for in one conversation!  What a model for me of such open heartedness!  You are also a model of allowing grace to flow through. The way you honor the phenomenon of the world is amazing and it shows in how beautifully you facilitate this work. I sing your praises to so many people I’m sure you’d be surprised.  I tell them how deeply loving and honoring you are. You’ve touched my life in a palpable way and my heart opens to the world more fully because of you.
In great gratitude
A. H