Systemic Constellation Work Can Reveal And Release Hidden Entanglements That Are Obstacles To Health, Career, Relationship And Fulfillment. 

What is Constellation Work?

A phenomenon of subconscious bonds and deep loyalty exists within each family system. Family Constellation work uses this “systemic field” to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members, whose fate can persist and become entanglements in subsequent and current generations.

Acknowledging these conditions can allow a resolution to arise that honors everyone and restores the flow of Love and Acceptance. This enables healing within the family systems.

What happens in the Workshop?

Using Bert Hellinger’s effective “living constellation” method, participants reconstruct their “family system” to identify and solve fundamental issues.

Participants can choose among three levels of involvement:-

  • Observe from the circled of  participants, while sitting in the Circle
  • Representing a person in someone else’s family during the constellation process
  • Placing one’s own family, or issue, in the circle using representatives

Family members are not required to be in attendance. We each carry a “knowing field” (family imprint) that brings forth the phenomenon of “family presence” in the workshop.