About Me

Anutosh Foo

Photo of Anutosh FooBorn in Singapore, Anutosh descends from a line of traditional herbalist healers of the Hakka tribe of China. She has participated in intensive professional trainings with Bert Hellinger and other prominent facilitators. Anutosh has over fifteen years of extensive international experience participating in family constellations and coordinated in Seattle for the late Dietrich Weth, a well renowned Germany facilitator of Family Systems Constellation. Anutosh is currently coordinating accredited training programs of this work for Francesca Mason Boring.

As a facilitator of the work, Anutosh has provided individual and group constellations in the Continental US and Hawaii, Singapore and Bali.

Anutosh is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and member of American Massage Therapy Association since 1988 and Owner and Operator of Anutosh Healing Arts (AHA). Her work as a Certified Nursing Assistant volunteering for several years at Evergreen Hospice for the dying and being present as a Doula for assisting women in childbirth and postpartum care have all supported her ongoing development. Her loving care and humble respect for each person’s journey enables Anutosh to connect in a pure, deep way.

Her Systemic Constellation work combined with her own challenging life lessons make Anutosh a wise, and compassionate facilitator. Over thirty years of meditation practice and personal healing work bring calm, positive energy and intuitive power to her presence and work.

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